Social Chain

When it's this good, a video will bring you in to the hottest agency in the UK


Gary Vaynerchuk, if you see the video…

Take it with a grain of salt. With £30 left in my bank account, I wanted to land a job and I hustled my way into the UK’s hottest social influencer marketing agency, Social Chain. Best part, they didn’t even have a vacancy. I sent them a video which got the entire office’s attention and had their CEO tweeting and snapping about it. The catch is, it was a rap video so some mild lyrical wit and rap-battle-esque verses were used against Gary Vaynerchuk. Controversial and all light-hearted yet specifically targeted at Social Chain’s CEO, Steven Bartlett. I knew my audience and if I closed this sale, I would be in. I was confident about the people I was directing this at and my timing couldn’t have been better.  This is the video.

So Gary, if you ever get to read this or anyone at Vaynermedia does, no hard feelings. Always will be a fan and a supporter. Been on your first show in London, met you two more times after that, and got a few shoutouts on social from you. I wanted to make it to Vaynermedia but the opportunities were only in the US and I was in London. I took my chances with the next best contender and am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the Social Chain team. It started with a snapchat post from the CEO of Social Chain and I wanted to give him an email he’d always talk about. Now that Vayner is in London, things just got interesting.

I worked closely with the CEO's personal branding team and brought together the idea of sharing Steven's story with the world. A video blog series was the way to go and it's been a hit. I produced the videos and made sure they kept the viewers entertained. Considering Steven's lifestyle, a millennial CEO/entrepreneur/public speaker, content was always a goldmine. It's safe to say the content was well accepted by his following. Episode 2 has hit over 45,000 views. We're onto something interesting.

The Mannequin Challenge was definitely another opportunity to create a large piece of content. My goal was to get the entire HQ involved which took a few days to orchestrate but 5 minutes to execute. Planning was key and I needed to make sure everyone was well directed to get the best result possible. Challenges:


This challenge was picking up on social media but I saw that people are only recording themselves doing it but not challenging others to do so, just like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I thought this was the missing element to it and with the social outreach that Social Chain's network maintained, it presented a perfect opportunity. The black dots on the posters at the end were just markers for me to put in different company logos or names in post-production and have different departments re-use this video to make sure we heavily distribute it. Safe to say it was brilliant!

P.S. If you’ve read this and have no idea who Gary Vaynerchuk is here’s a taster, an Amuse-bouche if you will.  It will get you pumped, take my word for it.

And here's the first video that truly got me hooked to this man's drive and desire to making it, to his, dare I say, hustle. Enjoy the binge…