Meet Superwoman


Meet teresa Shakespeare-smith

The task at hand is to positively promote Enbrel, a prescription medicine used to treat five chronic diseases, including moderate to severe plaque psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. Teresa Shakespeare-Smith is a rheumatoid  arthritis patient that truly wears the "superwoman" shoes. She gave a moving 1 hour interview and the task at hand was to filter that down to a 5 minute video. 

Hardest thing I've ever done.

Teresa's interview was so moving. She's shown strength, courage and a captivating sense of humour that's characterised her entire experience with the disease within the hour. I've lived to tell stories in my own creative way as part of my career; however, it is stories like Teresa's and storytelling, particularly in the way she effortlessly does, that truly add life to the art of storytelling through film.

I hope to meet many more inspirational people that carry the fire she does and help spread that energy through my work.