Who says banks have to be dull? 


my kind of bank

Monzo bank is not the first bank to offer a contactless service. However, it is the first bank I’ve met with a brilliant personality. It truly is defined by its people, literally, their community gave the bank it’s name. So what is it about this fin-tech start-up that’s so captivating?


I was greeted with a miniature drone that had a Monzo card delicately land into my palm. That was Simon Vans-Colina, a software engineer at Monzo who’s a brilliant drone operator and fanatic. I was greeted with smiles by Bailey Kursar, their head of marketing and got to chat with the rest of the product and design team about the business. What I truly loved the most is the youth of it all. The company is riding a big wave of growth and expansion yes, yet it still is a very young company at heart. And I found interest in that. 

After a chat with Hugo Cornejo, head of design at Monzo, and Samuel Michael, designer at Monzo, the best piece of the conversation I’d share is that they’re baffled by the speed of it all and the team themselves are still getting to know what Monzo really is. They mentioned that their community is shaping their personality, the brand and the future. Their tasks and direction are clear but the brand’s potential is continuously defined through the operation of the business and their social expansion. The company nurtures an intimate relationship with a community that is truly passionate about their product. Their waiting list is staggering! Just to put you in my shoes and that ever so romantic bubble, visiting the office and holding this meeting with the team meant making conversations in a corner with fan pictures, weekly milestones, beanbags, and a frisky background that consisted of an office buzzing with people packaging cards, letters, and the constant flashing of that distinct fluorescent coral colour. That hectic scene itself sold the true potential that this company held and I was hooked.  

Taking a step away from the office, as a personal user of their service what got to me was not just the convenience, but the speed and reactiveness of the application and the seamless way it interacted with the card and my real-time expenditure. I was impressed and looking forward to the new year and all the promises the bank has made and genuinely appreciated the attentiveness invested into the development of the software. I truly feel that it’s my kind of bank, and remain anxious for what the new year brings once their current account offering is activated. 

I pitched this video concept to Bailey Kursar, head of marketing, and Tom Blomfield, CEO at Monzo. I had 5 minutes so I made a killer video. They loved it and we’re in the plans for something big.